Summary of my expertise, experience & skills

When working for rapid development agencies or clients / businesses with limited resources my focus can be geared more towards managing execution of the clients vision and requirements.

Strategy and discovery can be more brief and work flows can follow a more rapid scoping, wireframing, design, build, launch and iterate sequence. See example illustration below.

High-level overview of project scoping

For clients / businesses or agencies that want to better ensure they are solving validated problems that drive business value, my services can include deeper strategy and product discovery services.

Specifically, around refining vision and goal setting, opportunity analysis and prioritisation, assumptions testing, defining and delivering on outcomes and target metrics.

Overview of deeper discovery to defined MVP

I love wire-framing and playing my part in the explorative and creative process together with designers, developers and client in helping to find the most simple, frictionless, high impact solutions to custom, complex or novel problems.

Illustration of wireframe to finsihed UI screen

Having previously cofounded a lowcode focused design, prototyping and development agency operating for over 3 years I bring a lot of experience in building strong client relationships, experimention and customer development.


Product Manager

Volkswagen Digital Services

Sept 2018 - Dec 2021

Within VW Digital Labs I lead product development of an event streaming and notification service improving car tracking from manufacturing production, transportation through to dealership.

Cofounder & Product Manager

3Prototypes & Freelance  

June 2013 - Sept 2018

Cofounder and product lead at 3Prototypes, a low code focused startup that provided clients rapid scoping and design (in 3 weeks) and prototype or MVP (within 12 weeks) and freelance PM.

Operations Manager

ColaSac Inc.

Apr 2012 - Jul 2015

Implemented redesigned higher converting website with autmoated fulfilment via API and new payment gateway, off-shored production and grew marketing and customer services team and product range.

Tools, platforms and skills

  • Pen and paper, Miro, Figma
  • Slack/Discord, Loom, Zoom
  • Pivotal Tracker, Notion, Airtable
  • Lean, Dual track discovery / delivery
  • Wireframing, prototyping and UX/UI
  • Leading fullstack teams
  • Leading lowcode project teams
  • Building in nocode (< 6 months)